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Golden Retriever Breeder Web Sites
This is a list of Golden Retriever kennels with web sites. It is not meant to be a complete listing. If you would like to be listed, please e-mail me at kwohlferd@comcast.net and I will look at your site. You must have a web site to be listed. Being listed here is NOT to be considered an endorsement by Kattwalk Goldens or GRCA.

International Breeders

Puppy "Homework" sites
These sites are geared to helping people get the right puppy

Breed/Publication/Organization links
  • Golden Retriever Club of America - GRCA
  • American Kennel Club - AKC
  • Cindy Tittle Moore's Golden Retriever page
  • Helen Redlus' Golden Retrievers in CyberspaceTM
  • The Red Dog Fan Club
  •  Mark Carpenter's Golden Retriever Show Stats
  • Canadian Kennel Club
  • Dog News 
  • EVERYTHING GOLDENnewyahoo.gif (111 bytes)
  • The Canine Chronicle

    Golden Clubs

    Golden Rescue
  • Garden State Golden Retriever Club
  • Mid-Florida Golden Retriever Club
  • Greater Twin Cities Golden Retriever Club
  • Golden Retriever Club Of North Alabama
  • The Chesapeake Golden Retriever Club
  • Yankee Golden Retriever Club
  • Golden Retriever Club of Central New York
  • The New Jersey Pine Barrens Golden Retriever Club
  • Golden Retriever Club of Illinois
  • Greater Houston Golden Retriever Club
  • Mile High Golden Retriever Club
  • Lenape Golden Retriever Club
  • Golden Retriever Club of Columbus Ohio
  • Gunpowder Ridge Golden Retriever Club
  • Valle Del Sol GRC 
  • GRC of Greater Los Angeles 
  • Arizona Golden Rescue
  • GRRACE (Golden Retriever Rescue & Community Education)
  • GRIN Golden Retriever Rescue
  • GRROWLS Golden Retriever Rescue
  • Norcal Golden Retriever Rescue
  • Golden Opportunities rescue (in IL)
  • Golden Retriever Rescue Contacts
  • Golden Re-Triever Rescue, Inc 
  • Canadian Links

    Dog Show Superintendents
  • Jack Bradshaw Dog Shows
  • Jack Onofrio Dog Shows
  • Jim Rau Dog Shows
  • Newport Dog Shows
  • Info Dog/MBF Dog Shows
  • Roy Jones
  • A List of Dog Show Superintendents
  • Mcnulty dog shows

    Medical Information

  • Advanced Veterinary Life Support
  • Animal CPR
  • AVMA Pet Poison Guide
  • Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF)
  • Canine Hip Dysplasia resources
  • Encyclopedia of Canine Veterinary Medical Information
  • FDA Veterinary Medicine
  • Dog Owners Guide
  • Merck
  • Merck Veterinary Manual ON-LINE
  • Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA)
  • Penn HIP
  • School of Veterinary Medicine Purdue University
  • Show Dog Super Sit
  • Vet Net
  • Veterinary Medicine Links Veterinary Reference
  • Vet School Links
  • Vet Web
  • Pets and Vets
  • AJ Morgan Pet Supplies, Inc.
  • Brown Kennel Supply, Inc
  • California Veterinary Supply
  • Cherrybrook
  • CREATIVE DESIGNWORKS - Collars newyahoo.gif (111 bytes)
  • Direct Book Service
  • Durrstede Grooming Products
  • Elmo's Closet - Collars
  • Gold N Points Doggy Woodstuff 
  • gun dog supply info
  • J-B pet supplies
  • J and J Dog Supplies
  • Jemar Pet Supplies
  • Kathy R. Partridge
  • Kv Vet
  • Lambriar Animal Health Care
  • List of ACVIM Board-certified Cardiologists by State 
  • Mirasol Glassworks - Stained Glass
  • Moon Valley Collars
  • Nature's Pet Marketplace
  • Pet Edge (was New England Serum)
  • Omaha Vaccine Company
  • Pro Dogs
  • Pup Tents, Inc.soft/collapsable crates
  • Pure Pet grooming products
  • Sarah's Golden Artistry
  • Source Menagerie
  • Stepstones
  • Tag-a-Pup - breakaway puppy collars newyahoo.gif (111 bytes)
  • UPCO (United Pharmacal Company, Inc.)
  • Helpful hints

    Vaccine related articles

    Natural Pet Care

  • The Breeders Standard
  • K9DATA.COMopen database for pedigree information on Golden Retrievers
  • Whelping/ Reproductive Help and Supplies


    Kattwalk Reproductive/Whelping Charts and Information

    Other reproductive/whelping links

    Nutrition/Dog Food Companies Orthopedic Problems in Goldens
  • QC+ Quality Care Plus
  • Flint River Ranch
  • IAMS and Eukanuba
  • Innova & California Natural
  • Nutro Products
  • Purina Farms
  • Solid Gold
  • PETsMART.com's Dog Food Comparison
  • Comparison of popular Dry Dog Foods 
  • Dry Adult Dog Food At A Glance