Spanish mastiff
This powerful giant was bred in Spain to protect herds of sheep from wolves. Along with the English mastiff, he is the largest dog on Earth. Unlike the British congener,…

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Great Dane of Argentina
The breed of dogo argentino is relatively young - it was bred at the beginning of the last century. Despite the fact that the closest relatives of the “Argentines” are…


The appearance of these short, long and heavy hounds is fully consistent with their character: the basset hounds are calm and extremely good-natured. Affectionate and loving, they love communication. They…

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Jack Russell Terrier
Jack Russell Terriers are great hunters, they can catch anyone from a fox to a mouse. They like to explore the surroundings for a long time. If jack russell fall…

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Welsh corgi cardigan

Welsh Corgi do not know fatigue. Their best qualities are equal temperament and unpretentiousness. Although it is a primordially working breed, it easily adapts to the pace of family life and puts up with daily walks of medium range. Do not expect frivolous actions from an adult corgi – he is trying to give the impression of a respectable dog with certain job responsibilities. If you do not have a herd that needs to be distilled, he will catch mice, and if there is no mice, then do not hesitate – the little tireless workaholic will still find something to do for himself. Take it seriously and don’t think about showing him that nothing is required of him — work is the meaning of his life.


Each owner wants to see his dog healthy, active and cheerful.
And, as you know, the basis of health is a proper, complete and balanced diet. Even if you purchase the freshest and highest-quality products, buy vitamins and mineral supplements, without a biochemical laboratory you cannot determine the exact nutritional value of the food you cook at home. That’s why PEDIGREE® has developed a special app that helps you evaluate how your pet’s diet meets its needs.
Proper nutrition in the first year of a puppy’s life largely determines how healthy and joyful your puppy will be in the future. Caring for the health of your pet, PEDIGREE® recommends a combination of dry and wet rations, which allows you to fully utilize the benefits of both. You can read more about this in the article.
Characteristics of the breed:

– Can not live without the attention of the owner
– Easy to adapt and learn
– Fearless, fast and ambitious dog


Height: up to 30 cm
Age: 12-14 years
Weight: 9-12 kg

At first distrustful of strangers, but, getting to know better, easily converges with other pets.


The main requirement for the owner of the corgi is the willingness to be a friend to his pet. You will have to be patient when you train your puppy.

Hair care

Standard wool requires daily brushing.

Conditions of detention

The small size and unpretentiousness of Corgi to the external environment allows you to keep it in a city apartment, and in a country house.


With insufficient physical activity, these dogs immediately lose their harmony, so devote enough time to active games, but make sure that your pet does not jump from high places – due to the peculiarities of the structure of his skeleton, this can lead to spinal injuries.

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