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Italian greyhound (also known as the Italian Greyhound) is a miniature version of the Greyhound, whose roots go far back to the time of the Egyptian pharaohs. In ancient burial places still find images of small Greyhounds, very reminiscent of Italian greyhounds. Italian greyhound is a lively, fast and very smart dog. In addition, Italian greyhounds are very affectionate and gentle, if kept in a calm and loving environment. Representatives of this breed, of course, are family dogs who adore being in the company of people. Flocking life is unusual for them, Italian greyhounds are small individualists, courageous and decisive. But at the same time, do not forget that they are very sensitive: a raised voice, a rude word from the owner deeply hurt the feelings of the dog. Sometimes Italian greyhound may experience the patience of the owner, so it is necessary to seriously engage in its upbringing from childhood. Although this breed is notable for good health, they need a warm basket with a soft blanket, which they love to wrap up even in hot weather.


Each owner wants to see his dog healthy, active and cheerful.
And, as you know, the basis of health is a proper, complete and balanced diet. Even if you purchase the freshest and highest-quality products, buy vitamins and mineral supplements, without a biochemical laboratory you cannot determine the exact nutritional value of the food you cook at home. That’s why PEDIGREE® has developed a special app that helps you evaluate how your pet’s diet meets its needs.
Proper nutrition in the first year of a puppy’s life largely determines how healthy and joyful your puppy will be in the future. Caring for the health of your pet, PEDIGREE® recommends a combination of dry and wet rations, which allows you to fully utilize the benefits of both. You can read more about this in the article.
Characteristics of the breed:
– Elegant and good-natured
– very clean
– Hardy, active and energetic

Height: 33–38 cm
Age: about 14 years old
Weight: 2.7–3.6 kg

Get along well with any pets, but make sure that your dog is not in danger from larger pets.


Italian greyhound will find happiness in a small and calm family, where the children have grown up.

Hair care

Short, smooth coat is easy to care for. But you can only bathe the dog if she is very dirty. After bathing, you need to dry the coat thoroughly so that the Italian greyhound does not catch a cold.

Conditions of detention

Italian greyhound is a dwarf pet dog, so it is comfortable in an apartment or house of any size.


This breed has a calm character, but the dog takes part in the fun of the family with pleasure. When walking, you should remember that Italian greyhound is very elegant and has a rather fragile physique.

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