How to raise a dog
All dog owners want their pets to obey and execute commands at their first request. So that they do not jump with their forepaws on guests and loved ones. Soiling…

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Belgian Shepherd Tervuren
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Russian color lapdog
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Dog Training Basics
Each of us at least once in a life had to observe a situation when a puppy tearing from a leash walks its owner. The owner of the dog, resigned…

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Maltese bottle

The Maltese lapdog was not born for work, although some representatives of this breed become good watchmen and take places in obedience contests. This doggie is created, first of all, to give your love, devotion and the realization that at home someone is always looking forward to your arrival. In addition, the Maltese lapdog is very smart, active and adores when she is pampered.
Do you know that the Maltese lap dog is prone to certain diseases? Learn more about diseases and their prevention in the article.


Each owner wants to see his dog healthy, active and cheerful.
And, as you know, the basis of health is a proper, complete and balanced diet. Even if you purchase the freshest and highest-quality products, buy vitamins and mineral supplements, without a biochemical laboratory you cannot determine the exact nutritional value of the food you cook at home. That’s why PEDIGREE® has developed a special app that helps you evaluate how your pet’s diet meets its needs.
Proper nutrition in the first year of a puppy’s life largely determines how healthy and joyful your puppy will be in the future. Caring for the health of your pet, PEDIGREE® recommends a combination of dry and wet rations, which allows you to fully utilize the benefits of both. You can read more about this in the article.
Characteristics of the breed:
– A child by nature
– Likes warmth and dryness
– Need early socialization

Height: 25-30 cm
Age: 12–16 years
Weight: 3-4 kg


Get along well with other animals.


Maltese is an excellent choice for a person who is looking for a cheerful companion and is ready to take care of his tangled coat daily.

Hair care

Wool maltese needs daily care. Occasionally, a dog can be bathed by thoroughly drying it afterwards with a hairdryer. If the dog does not participate in exhibitions, trimming is desirable, in addition, you need to cut the hair between the paw pads and regularly cut the nails.

Conditions of detention

They are certainly domestic dogs and prefer to be at home, next to their owner. However, if you live in a house with a garden, the dog will be willing to play there.


Dogs of the Maltese lap-dog breed need to be walked 2 times a day. Despite its tiny size, maltese requires regular exercise and a proper diet, as he is prone to weight gain.

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