Great Canary
The Canary Great Dane may seem formidable and unfriendly, but in fact it is an extremely sociable dog. Even strangers cause him not so much alertness as curiosity. It affects…

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Feeding the Black Russian Terrier
Despite the fact that the Black Russian Terrier is a practically omnivorous breed, it is worth taking the diet of such a dog seriously, as improper feeding leads to growth…


Italian greyhound (also known as the Italian Greyhound) is a miniature version of the Greyhound, whose roots go far back to the time of the Egyptian pharaohs. In ancient burial…

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Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Never forget the Staffords past - the old instincts are still strong in these confident, arrogant dogs. Stafford is an active, strong and fearless dog, but at the same time…

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How to feed a puppy?

In order for your pet to grow up healthy, beautiful and happy, you need to carefully monitor his nutrition from childhood. In no case should you feed the puppy from your table. He needs to cook separately, it should be a variety of healthy dishes. After all, it is in the first year of life that the dog forms bones, hair, teeth, as well as all the important functions of the body. With a lack of vitamins and minerals, the baby may have underdeveloped paws, problems with scent, dull and sparse coat.

In addition, remember that, for example, a Rottweiler puppy and a basset can not be fed equally. For puppies of different breeds, different weights and degrees of activity, there should be a completely different diet.

Frequency of Feeding

Up to 2 months to feed the baby is worth at least 5-6 times a day, later the frequency of feeding should be reduced. Up to 5 months – at least 4 times a day, up to 8 months – 3-4 (depending on the activity of the puppy), up to 12 months – 2-3 times a day.

First, watch how your pet eats. When you see that he has eaten and moved away from food, remove the bowl until the next feeding. Leave only a saucer with fresh clean water.

The most important thing in a dog’s menu at any age is meat (anything other than pork). But not sausage and meat feeds, but natural fresh meat. To save a little, in the meat department you can ask for meat trimmings for dogs. They will cost much cheaper than beautiful pieces of meat. Meat should be in the puppy’s diet every day. But! Feeding a dog with one meat is bad. The diet must necessarily include fish, vegetables, cereals, fruits and dairy products.

Once a week, divide the serving of meat into 2 parts, prepare one as usual, and feed the second raw to the pet.

2 times a week feed the puppy fish baked in the oven (raw you can give your baby only sea fish).

Do not rub fish and meat for the baby on a grater, but cut into small pieces.

1-2 times a week give the puppy some milk and 1 raw egg.

From all ages, feed your pet raw and grated vegetables and fruits. The sooner you start giving them to him, the easier it will get used to.

Daily ration

Up to 2 months: 200 grams of meat + 80 grams of cereal + 1 tsp of fish oil + 0.5 l. milk + 30 grams of vegetables or 250 grams of fish + 150 grams of cereals + 50 grams of greens

Up to 5 months: 350 grams of meat + 200 grams of cereal + 2 tsp of fish oil + 0.8 l. milk + 100 grams of vegetables or 450 grams of fish + 200 grams of cereals + 100 grams of greens

Up to 7 months: 550 grams of meat + 350 grams of cereal + 4 tsp of fish oil + 450 grams of milk + 250 grams of vegetables

Up to 12 months: 600 grams of meat + 450 grams of cereal + 4 tsp
fish oil + 450 grams of milk + 250 grams of vegetables

Welsh corgi cardigan
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